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This June, we are coming together to climb Africa's highest peak to raise awareness and funds for three worthy organisations supporting children's education.


Meters to climb


Women (and 1 lucky man)


Worthy Organisations


Goal: Quality Education for all


Kili here we come!

A group of nine women entrepreneurs (and one lucky man!) are embarking on a challenge to climb to the summit of Africa's highest peak. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for three organizations that work to improve education opportunities for children and young people. The mountain stands tall at 5,895 meters or 19,340 feet, and we are determined to reach the top to make a difference in the lives of children across the globe.


19,340 Feet, 10 Hikers, 3 Organizations, 1 Mountain and 1 Goal: Quality Education For Everyone


We are proud to support three worthy organisations, namely MiDeskGlobal Africa , LIFT Ireland and ACAS Argentina. You can read more about their work on the FUNDRAISING PAGE.


With this climb, we aim to contribute to building a better future for children who are deprived of basic education and empowering young people to reach their full potential. 


Our Mission is to contribute to the UN Sustainable Goal #4: "Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all"


Those who know us well would describe us as bold, wild, and crazy entrepreneurs, who firmly believe that we can achieve anything. We love laughing and bringing joy to those around us. While we may not be the most physically fit individuals and far from being professional athletes, we are deeply committed to training hard and working together as a team to climb one of the seven summits. Our goal is to inspire our families and those around us, that with dedication, determination, and passion, anyone can conquer adversity and reach new heights. So, let's climb this mountain together and show the world what we're made of! Find out more about us on the HIKERS PAGE.


Help us change the world by contributing to our fundraise. We will distribute the funds equally between three institutions. Join us on this adventure!

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